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4" Thick Custom Sawn Veneer.

May 19, 2020

Have a look at these beauties!  We are shipping out a 650 ft order of Custom Sawn 4" Thickness ANTIQUE ROUNDED FIELDSTONE ® for a project in Weston today.  Stay tuned for updates and look for more photo's in our gallery also as installation progresses.  Our stone will be installed in conjunction with H-B #315- 5" Veneer Ties and with Mortairvent rain-screen.


4" Thick Custom Sawn Veneer.

June 15, 2020

Early morning dew and shadows really highlight the beauty of our stone and the craftsmanship of the installation on this chimney.  A floor to ceiling interior fireplace will soon be completed as well, which will also feature some large granite elements.


June 8, 2020

WSS provided Indiana Limestone Rockford Estate Full Bed Veneer, Vanderbilt Classic Full Bed Veneer and Rock-Faced Indiana Limestone Sills for this project in Franklin, MA recently.  The project is ongoing, please look for project photos in our Pr​oject Gallery once work is completed.  For more information about available Indiana Limestone products please see our Masonry Products section.

Custom Fieldstone Blend

July 13, 2020

This project in Mansfield, MA is an on site blend of our Antique Rounded Fieldstone® and Connecticut Valley Fieldstone®. The contractor installed Thin Veneer, Full sized Antique Rounds and 3-5" Full Bed Veneer. We love these creative blends, they offer the owners a more unique look that's not just a "cookie cutter" pattern. This project is a definite A plus! Please look for more photos in our Pr​oject Gallery once work is completed.



JULY 13, 2020

Take a look at this fresh installation of our Celtic Granite ® Thin Veneer.

Celtic Granite is part of our Contemporary Granite Collection ™ and is also available in Ashlar, Ledge, Mosaic and Rustic Mix patterns.

The Sq/Rec pattern on this project looks very stately and the color compliments the reclaimed granite that was used for the mantle nicely. Color is further enhanced by utilizing True Tone MC-89 Charcoal mortar color (which we also supply, along with Firebrick, Refractory mortars, Cast Iron Throat Dampers and Outside Air Kits and Ash Dumps ).