Unique and beautiful granite's, classified as metamorphic gneiss feature deep, rich colors, grains and garnets.  Manufactured to a high level of craftsmanship, the fabrication process yields stone that typically splits more cleanly and produces larger face sizes and straighter edges than many other manufacturers.  This benefit allows for faster installation with less on site trimming by the installer.  The Contemporary Granite Collection ™ offers multiple design possibilities offering you five standard patterns with five standard colors (including one blend) available for Thin Veneer, Full Bed Veneer and various types of Wall Stone for Hardscape and Landscape applications.  Custom designs can be easily created by blending two (or even more) patterns and-or colors together on site for a truly distinctive appearance. 

Thin Veneer is produced to (+/-) 1.25" thickness with a sawn back and is sold in 100 sq ft pallets (10 layers x 10 sq ft).  Ninety degree Outside Corners are sold in either 25 or 50 LF pallets or in 5 LF minimum increments. 

Full Bed Depth Veneer is 3-5" thick with face sizes ranging from 3/4 up to 2-1/2 (& sometimes larger) Sq/Ft in Ashlar, Mosaic and Square/Rectangular patterns and is sold on pallets of approximately 3,000-4,000 Lbs, priced and sold by the ton.

Note:  Full Bed Ledge face heights typically range from (+/-) 2"-4" with varying lengths up to (+/-) 18".  Rustic Mix is more irregular and less "formal" than our other patterns and does contain ledge but is mostly made with Ashlar, Mosaic and roughly Square/Rectangular shapes.

  • See our Hardscape section for more information about available Contemporary Granite ™ Wall Stone.

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